* Ben Karpel Report from judging in the UK

For a bulldog breed specialist judge it is always the biggest honor to be asked to judge this fascinating breed in his mother country the UK.

After judging our breed, all around Europe, I was happy and proud to be invited to judge one of the finest bulldog club in the UK the Sheffield and leodension bulldog club championship show.

It is important to explain the different between a championship shows to an open show

 in the UK, the only way for a dog to complete his champion title is to win A CC in three-championship show what make the championship shows to be superior from all kind of shows.

I had a fantastic entry of 160 dogs, what made me very happy and proud, especially when most of the top UK kennel was showing under me.

I arrived to the UK 1 day before the show, the club secretary and my grate friend Mrs. Lees, and her husband took me from the airport and we started a 3 hours' drive to Sheffield, we arrived to Sheffield around 21:00 pm, and went to have a lovely dinner with some other club committee and then straight away to our hotel to have a good night sleep.

In the morning I was picked up from the hotel  to the show ground, which I find to be perfect for holding this kind of show, the environment was grate and I couldn’t' wait to start the judging .

I was very impressed from the breed quality, some exceptional dogs and bitches came under me and it was my honor to judge them.

My winners:

OCOBO heartbreaker at shipshape,Bitch CC & BIS. 

CH.britishpride Sinatra, Dog CC& RBIS.

CH.britishpride miucca prada, Bitch RCC

Sealavile he's tyler, Dog RCC.

I finished the show very happy from my final winners , the club secretary and her husband drove me back to Luton where I took in the morning my flight back to Israel , this was a fantastic weekend, with fantastic people , what more a person can ask .

I thanks sincerely to my friends for the hospitality and fly back to Israel happy with allot of grate memories for the future.